When Birkin Met Kelly, 2014

WBMKWhile I was with Waddington’s, the Asian art department saw monumental growth fuelled by a desire for collecting Asian and specifically Chinese works of art, a trend that mirrored international markets. Over the years, as our clientèle developed I recognized a subtle shift in the market which revealed an emerging demand for luxury goods, something that was not highly available at auction in Canada during this time. To test the market, I curated a viewing exhibition of Hermes handbags consisting of 25 different examples entitled When Birkin Met Kelly in the fall of 2014. When Birkin Met Kelly opened during a private women’s networking event under the Women of Waddington’s series.

Coinciding with our viewing exhibition was The Politics of Fashion, an exhibition at the Design Exchange which examined the politics and theories informing some of fashion’s most iconic designs. In order to strengthen our ties with this important Canadian institution and increase awareness of both Waddington’s and the exhibition, Sara Nickleson, curator and head of collections was invited to speak at the Women of Waddington’s opening night event.


The exhibition was extremely well attended and generated buzz from clients, both new and existing, through word of mouth and publication including a feature in the Chinese language newspaper Ming Pao. The positive response indicated high levels of interest and highlighted the prospects of this growing market.

Primary Skills and Expertise

Business Development and Strategy, Marketing and Promotions, Project Management, Event Planning, Curation and Copywriting.